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Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Sam Ling

24/7 PoW hasher. Working as part of an independent and global miner group. Together we explore the Bitcoin network and ASIC hardware industry.

Bitcoin Miner Equations You Need to Know

A bitcoin miner uses calculations to gain knowledge about machine performance, profit, and ROI. Thus, it is important to get to grasps with some...

Mining Bitcoin At a Loss. Could it be a Win?

Mining bitcoin at a loss means profits don't cover operation expenses. When BTC miners go in arrears there are plenty of ways to cut...

Bitcoin Miners Need These Essential Conversions

Bitcoin miners use some key conversions in order to develop a deeper understanding of how machines perform and how much electricity they consume. Additionally,...

Crypto Crime: Do Criminals Prefer E-Currencies Over Fiat?

As we discover, crypto crime accounts for a minuscule amount of illicit activity. Likewise, proceeds from crime represent a tiny fraction of the crypto...

Crypto-Mining: How Bitcoins are Earned and Created

Crypto-mining dynamics is intimidating. There is advanced terminology and technology to conquer. Information can be misleading. Even seasoned miners may neglect a basic understanding...

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